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Living in Mauritius ?

Who am I?

My name is Sarah, I am 40 years old and I have 4 children, I’ve lived in Mauritius since October 2020. I am a ballet teacher and a real estate agent. Personnally, I do not like this term, I prefer project manager. People often ask me why Mauritius? I often want to answer "and why not...?" But if it was so simple to say what you think to people... if life was so simple...

Why Mauritius?

I could tell you:

- Turquoise waters

- Weather (28-35 degrees in summer, austral winter 22-28 degrees)

- Nature, mountains, wildlife, turtles

- The kindness of Mauritians

-The service

After drawing this list of clichés (albeit true) I will now tell you the real reason:

In 2017, I was losing my father, and I decided on a whim to take a week off in Mauritius to take a step back and accept the unacceptable, my father! my pillar!

Every day I dreaded a call from my mother telling me it's over. Certainly I had been there for them all the time, I was so afraid but I had to take that break, for my children, and for me.

In the taxi from the airport to the hotel, my husband turns to me and says: "I could see myself living here... I laughed!

I grew up in France with a Mauritian nanny who spoke Creole to me, I grew up with this culture. Certainly everything seemed familiar to me on this island: the language, the food... But to come and live here? I mostly thought about the children (can they study here? yes that’s a mother’s question).

But the real feeling was the calm, the well-being, that alignment that you feel when you're in the right place at the right time. Everything I was looking for was there.

Then the years passed, my father passed away, the daily "washing machine" routine resumed too. But the lockdown, Covid was for us an obvious reminder that we had to live our life now, right away. Many people tell me that we were brave to relocate to Mauritius. Personally I find it brave to stay in big cities for financial reasons or just out of fear? Life is now.

Why do two jobs?

Many would think that going to Mauritius is pre-retirement. Far from it!

Here, reinventing yourself is part of the experience, some become influencers, me I continued to be a ballet teacher and started up as a real estate agent. My studio is called Studio DS and welcomed 80 students the first year and my real estate agency (purchase, sale of house, villas, apartments) is

In Mauritius, time slows down, you live more fully, you have time to do everything, it's true you will tell me with 4 children, 2 jobs (albeit "passion" jobs). You should know that I am hyperactive and here my nannies are exceptional with my children.

Also it must be said that I decided not to be afraid anymore and to do what I love without asking myself too many questions... I understood one thing: living your dreams is pure happiness and if today in 2022 you ask me if I made the right choice, I will tell you that YES! I have zero regrets... maybe one: I don't have PINK in Mauritius (I'm kidding, of course)!

If you liked my story, do not hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an email I will gladly answer all of your questions.

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